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An F2 tornado had tracked less than 100 feet from the Caldwin manufacturing plant, the largest producer of an essential engine value train component in the United States. Bob, Materials Manager at the plant and a member of the senior management team, was at home when the evening storm hit. Bob immediately headed to the plant when he received word of the emergency situation. On his way to the factory a rush of questions nearly overwhelmed him. How bad was the situation? How prepared was his team of employees to handle the situation? What should customers and suppliers be told about the situation? How could Bob best provide the leadership needed in this situation?

This critical incident is an actual account of an emergency response situation caused by a tornado that struck near a large manufacturing plant. While the information included in this incident is accurate, the identities of the involved parties have been changed without compromising the educational value of the situation. This emergency situation features several Supply Chain Management (SCM) related challenges related to the coordination and response activities to an unexpected natural disaster. As an experiential activity, this critical incident provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of supply chain management concepts by developing a proposed plan of action to deal with the first seventy-two hours following the disaster.

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