Buy online pickup In-Store (BOPIS), Omni-channel, Value co-creation, Click-and-collect, customer satisfaction


The purpose of this study is to identify consumer attitudes toward buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS). This study examines how value perceptions change as consumers progress in the online ordering and physical pickup processes within the BOPIS channel. We use a multivariate regression and two separate multiple regression analyses to examine the differential effects of multiple constructs on BOPIS customer satisfaction. As consumers start the process by engaging with the retailer online, perceived usefulness and hedonic value online play a critical role in customer satisfaction. Consumer attitudes change as they pick up their order at the store where the degree of ease and hedonic pickup in collecting their products increases in importance in customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the study findings suggest a halo-effect for trust on BOPIS customer satisfaction. As BOPIS continues to expand into various industries, understanding the complexity of consumer value will be of importance to improve the omni-channel experience.

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