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School District #118 was formed April 1, 1905, detaching from Dist. #40. The schoolhouse was built on the Anton Jelinek farm on the SW corner of Section 15, township 13, Range 6 in Rock Creek precinct.

The first school term began November 26, 1906 with 35 pupils ranging in age from 5 - 18 and offering grades 1-7. Some pupils attended only 27 days with a high attendance of 112 days. The teacher was Sadie Ethell. The school term ended M"ay 24, 1907. The school board members were G. L. Lambert, Joseph Bouc and J. J. Wondra. The school teacher's salary was $264.00 and other expenses were $371.46 for operation. There was an outstanding bond of $400.00. The value of the school property and contents was $1800.00.



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