Undergraduate Research Journal


The purpose of this study was to explore how STEM based curriculum integrated with the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework can enhance learning and overall development in early childhood learners. Participants were preschoolers (N=24) between the ages of 3-5 enrolled in the Child Development Center during summer at a Midwestern mid-sized university. This study collected both quantitative (rubric scores) and qualitative data (interviews and observations) and used control and experimental groups. The control group followed the standard curriculum procedures already in place and the experimental group included STEM curriculum without SEL instructions. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. Using the variables of Directions, Observe, and Comparison, there were no significant difference between the groups with p-values ranging from .167 and .485. This result was largely due to the sample size. However, charts using percentage analysis showed the experimental group was more effective. Study limitations and future directions are discussed



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