Wolbach, Nebraska


Bernard Knudson was from Wolbach, Nebraska. He graduated Fullerton High School and Nebraska State Teachers College at Kearney.

He was assigned as a navigator on a B-24 Liberator in the 8th Air Force 392nd Heavy Bombardment group, which was participating in the air war over Germany. He was killed on his 16th mission. His plane was forced down with all but one engine not functioning and a wing on fire. Three of the crew were killed and seven escaped the aircraft.

Branch of Service

Army Air Force



Military Occupational Specialty

Navigator B-24 Liberator

Death Date


Original Source Location

UNK Archives Briggs Collection, Box 23, Folder 4, Envelope 5

Additional Information

Additional information available in the 1946 Blue and Gold yearbook, viewable at http://library.unk.edu/archives/ . If you'd like to schedule a visit to view these materials in person, or if you'd like to submit additional information, please contact us.

Briggs-B23-Env-5-Benard-Knudson-02.tif (270447 kB)
Bernard Knudson in uniform (high quality)

Briggs-B23-Env-5-Benard-Knudson-03.jpg (198 kB)
Reverse of Bernard Knudson photograph



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