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Department of Geography

Outside Reviewer

Dr. Randy Bertolas, Wayne State College

Review Team

Kaitlyn Droll, Julie Shaffer, Theresa Wadkins, Justin Vrooman, Elizabeth Pearson

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This Self-Study of the UNK Geography Program offers an overview of the program, its characteristics, performance, resources, institutional contributions, student profiles, and faculty qualities since the last program review. The Self-Study concludes with a summary of faculty goals and plans for the Geography Program. The Geography Program is committed to the delivery high quality instructional programs that prepare students to become life-long learners through an academically sound program of study, while at the same time participating fully in the traditional missions of teaching, research, and service. Geography faculty are invested in supporting students, developing the Program, and continuing to build the quality of Geography at UNK. The Geography Program is well positioned and willing to develop and expand to meet the needs of students and the UNK campus.

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Geography Commons



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