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Master of Arts (MA)



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Brad Modlin

Committee Members

Megan Hartman, Marguerite Tassi, David Rozema




The Hard Truth is a poetry manuscript that explores the significance of everyday choices whether we are dealing with grief, anger, hope, or exhaustion. These poems remind readers that the choices we make reveal the kind of relationship we have with God. If we follow God, we will love others and make sacrifices for them by working hard. If we follow the ways of the secular world, we will fall captive to Ptolemaic, self-centered viewpoints where we only care about ourselves. With a focus on Biblical narratives, the poems in this manuscript ask readers to examine God’s character as we face difficult decisions. Is He just or forgiving? Kind or demanding? How we view God affects how we view ourselves and our lives. We are either beautiful beings with purpose, or we are not. Readers get to decide for themselves as they read about a woman with cancer who mourns a dying friend, a harsh and inappropriate father ignoring his son on his birthday, and a tired caregiver who loves her job. This manuscript recognizes the challenges and tragedies in life, but it also reflects the grace and goodness we can find if we try and see things through someone else’s viewpoint. The way we perceive life will influence every choice we make, and the choices we make can either destroy or strengthen our relationships.

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Poetry Commons



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