2022 Mountain Plains Business Conference Schedule

Thursday, October 13:

5:00-7:00pm Registration/Welcome Reception at Brewed Awakening
Drinks and hors d'oeuvres
Jeopardy contest

7:00-7:30pm Mountain Plains Board of Directors meeting at Brewed Awakening

Friday, October 14:

8:00-9:00am Registration & Breakfast buffet at Ockinga Conference Room Zoom link
Welcome from Frank Tenkorang, Susan Jensen, UNK SVC Kristen Majocha, and Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse

9:15-10:30am Presentation Session #1A (DSCH 213) Zoom link
- Strengths-based Study Abroad: Framework to Enhance Self-Reflection and Group Dynamics
Susan Jensen
- The Hawthorne Effect: Influence on Experiential Learning Outcomes in Sales Role Play Scenarios
Ben Brachle, Ahna Packard, Dana E. Vaux
- Developing and Assessing Wellbeing in the Accounting Curriculum
Steven C. Hall, Sarah Borchers, Matt Bjornsen

9:15-10:30am Presentation Session #1B (DSCH 206) Zoom link
- Generational Differences in Consumer Decision-Making Constructs
Heather Meyer, Chloe Murphy
- A Review of the Literature on the Effects of Social Media on Buying Fashion Apparel Intention and Decision
Win Min Thein
- Rural Broadband Usage: Analyzing Satisfaction and Internet Speed within the Rural Digital Divide
Angela Hollman, Tim Obermier, Jesse Andrews

9:15-10:30am Presentation Session #1C (DSCH 116) Zoom link
- University/Industry Collaboration: Using A Classroom Business Case to Enhance Student Problem-Solving/Learning Experience
Gregory Benson, Ngan N. Chau
- Improving Engagement and Well-being Through Strengths and Career-Focused Programming in the Living Learning Community
Brenda L. Jochum
- Economic, Social, and Psychological Impact of Collegiate Mentoring
Jason Baker, Amanda LaPaz, Toni Hill

10:30-10:45am Break

10:45-noon Presentation Session #2A (DSCH 213) Zoom link
- Managerial Ability and Financial Statement Comparability
Matt Bjornsen, Matthew Stallings
- A ”Russian Romance Scam” Discussion Case Study
Karl Borden

10:45-noon Presentation Session #2B (DSCH 206) Zoom link
- The Relationship Between Business Students' Valor and Psychological Capital
Kyle Luthans, Brett C. Luthans, T. Daniel Chaffin
- NCAA Interdivisional Games: Are There More Injuries when David Plays Goliath?
David L. Carr, Gregory M. Huckabee, Thomas Tiahrt
- Men in Nursing: Implications for the Profession and Broader Workforce Trends
David K. Palmer, Nancy Stuart, Michelle Fleig-Palmer

Noon-1:00pm Lunch at Ockinga Conference Room Zoom link
Membership meeting for all conference participants
Call for Papers (MPBC 2023) by Utah Tech

1:00-2:15pm Presentation Session #3A (DSCH 213) Zoom link
- Child Marriages Globally: Legal & Social Implications
Toni Hill, Mariana Elizabeth Torres Raya, Olga Paola Villa Escorce, Mamello Mahkele, Hayman Linn Lae Zaw, Jane Miller, Ann Le
- The Politics of Breastfeeding: A Biocultural Analysis
Jeanne Stolzer
- COVID's Impact on Child Marriages
Toni Hill, Bruce Elder

1:00-2:15pm Presentation Session #3B (DSCH 206) Zoom link
- CEO Types and Firm Efficiency
Lok Chi Lam
- Incivility in the Accounting Classroom: Have Educator Views Changed in the Last Decade?
Pat Seaton, Bruce Elder, Matt Bjornsen, Sarah Borchers
- Support for Academics Among University Athletic Donors
Srivatsa Seshadri, Greg Broekemier, Mackenzie Puckett

2:15-2:30pm Break

2:30-3:45pm Presentation Session #4A (DSCH 213) Zoom link
- Providing Farmers with the Legal Tools Needed to Keep the Equipment Running: An Update on the Agricultural Right to Repair Movement
Greg Nies, Bruce Elder
- Manipulation in Agricultural Commodities Futures Market: Application of Benford’s Law
Frank Tenkorang

2:30-3:45pm Presentation Session #4B (DSCH 206) Zoom link
- Effectuation and Co-creation in Social Enterprises: Examining the Relationship in the Context of Uncertainty
Xiaoming Yang
- Entrepreneurship Resilience: A Framework for Dimension Development and Scale Measurement
Elizabeth Manser Payne, Colleen O’Brien, Kristin Burton
- The Role of Incubation Centres in Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship in Kano State of Nigeria
Sudha Mavuri, Kavita Chavali, Ajith Kumar V V

4:00-5:15pm Business Tours
The Upper Room Brewery
Cash-Wa Distributing

5:00-6:30pm World Theatre Event
How We Saved the World video will be shown
Jon Bokenkamp will speak
Drinks and popcorn provided
Participants have option to purchase $5 ticket to the movie The Shining which starts at 7:00pm

Saturday, October 15:

8:00-9:00am Breakfast at Ockinga Conference Room

9:15-10:30am Presentation Session #5A (DSCH 213) Zoom link
- Educational Equivalency of Raspberry Pi Clusters in High-Performance Computing
Victoria A. Steckline, Robert Houghton

9:15-10:30am Presentation Session #5B (DSCH 206) Zoom link
- Out-migration: Challenges, Opportunities, and Resiliency in Rural Communities
John Erickson Jr., Christopher Decker, Steven A. Schulz
- Covid-19 Impact Comparison between US and Chinese University Students
Steve Barney, Alan Hamlin, Xiaoming Yang, Arvind Agrawal
- The State of Digital Transformation: A Pilot Study
Ngan N. Chau, Steve Schulz, Vijay Agrawal

9:15-10:30am Presentation Session #5C (DSCH 212) Zoom link
- China’s Currency Sterilization and Fiscal Centralization
Hailong Jin
- The Role of Carbon Credit on Farmers’ Adoption of Climate-Smart Practices in the U.S. Midwest
Stephen Cheye, Wang Tong
- Skilled Labor Challenges and Automation in the Construction Industry
Olugbenro Ogunrinde, Rapheal Ojelabi, Opeyemi Oyeyipo

10:30-10:45am Break

10:45-noon Presentation Session #6A (DSCH 213) Zoom link
- Unintended Consequences: Impact of Covid Relief Payments on Families and the Housing Industry
Tami J. Moore, Jared Burgoon

10:45-noon Presentation Session #6B (DSCH 206) Zoom link
- A COVID-related Fraud at Applied BioSciences Corp: What are the lessons?
Scott Jackson, Paul Ordyna, Srinivasan Ragothaman

Noon–1:00pm Lunch at Discovery Atrium Zoom link
Keynote Speaker: Captain Al Spain, JetBlue co-founder

Campus Map

Please see the attached campus map. All of our events will take place in among the West Center Building (WSTC), Discovery Hall (DSCH), or Ockinga Auditorium. Brewed Awakening is our student-operated coffee shop located on the lower level of the West Center Building on campus. Parking lot #24 is on the east side of West Center, and if you park in that lot and enter West Center by those east doors, you'll be right by Brewed Awakening. We will have visitor's parking permits for anyone who needs one at the registration tables.

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