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The sole purpose of this Bulletin is to bring to the students the real truths about our institution no matter how radical or conservative they may be. We feel that the school newspaper, although they do their best, is unable to give the students anything but announcements of ball queens, insurance sales, and whatever the administration allows them to say.

We fell the major purpose of a newspaper is to print the truth and the facts. The Antelope has been unable to do this so - SCORPION - will. We know many of the Antelope student staff would very much like to write what they feel but the administration seems to have final word on what is printed.

We know that some of our articles may be more than the administration can swallow so we expect a great deal of backlash about our articles and welcome any opposing points of view, and we are sure that there will be plenty, especially from those who are contented with the present student status on campus

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Kearney, Nebraska


underground newspaper, student newspaper, KSC


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Scorpion I



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