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Song based on the story of Miss Minnie Freeman, a teacher who saved 13 children during the Schoolhouse Blizzard of 1888.

From the introduction:

Miss Minnie Freeman, the plucky little school teacher at Mina Valley, whose heroism, care and presence of mind saved from death her thirteen little pupils during the terrible storm last week, was in this city to-day. When pressed, she told the following story: "The storm came on very suddenly and struck the school-house just about the time for closing. I knew from indications that it was going to be a regular 'blizzard,' and told the children to all wrap up well. While I was attending to them the door blew in, and then the windows. I put my cloak on and was wondering what I was going to do. I had made up my mind that the building would not lasl long. Then I happened to think of a ball of twine I had taken away from a little fellow named Frankie Gibben, who was playing with it during school hours. I began tying the children together, and when I had completed this task I awaited developments. Very soon the roof of the building blew off and I said, 'Come on, children,' and we started. The nearest house was three-quarters of a mile away, and in order to reach it we had to face the storm for about one third of the distance. I thought at one time we should be lost, and I came near losing hope, for I was nearly exhausted. You see, I was carrying the smallest child- a little girl-and my talking to the children and urging them to keep up their spirits, tired me very much.'"

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Special Collections M1621.V56 S66 1888

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Lyon & Healy




Schoolhouse Blizzard, Schoolchildren's Blizzard, Nebraska history


Music | United States History

Song of the Great Blizzard :



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