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Content Warning: Poems are sexually explicit. All were written while the author was imprisoned and some reference prison.

Erogenous Zone: sensual poetry was written by David Rice (Mondo). "David Rice has concentrated on the beauty of people relating to each other sexually and has also given us an erotic view of the interplay between the forces and elements of the universe." Erogenous Zone was one of a number of creative works Mondo produced. He published numerous short stories, poems, plays, and newspaper columns during his imprisonment.

Mondo, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, was a member of the Omaha Black Panthers chapter. He was imprisoned in April 1971 for the alleged involvement in the bombing death of an Omaha policeman. The trial was deeply flawed, leading Amnesty International and two former Nebraska governors to call for a retrial or the release of Rice for time served. He died in prison in 2016.

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King Publications


Washington, D.C.


Black Panther Party, erotic poetry


African American Studies | Poetry

Erogenous Zone



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