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The first school house in Chester Precinct was in District No. 51 and was known as the Willow Creek School. It was a sod house and the first teacher was Miss Wheeler. She walked four miles to school and was paid $25.00 a month.

Later on District No. 84 was organized, being partly in Elk and partly in Chester Precinct. The school house was located on Martin Vanek's farm about 2½ miles southwest of the present village of Prague. The district was found to be too large so it was divided. One school was located at Vaclav Frana's farm, half a mile west of Prague. This took the name of district No. 104, while the former retained the name of District No. 84. The school building was built in 1878 and the first teacher was Annie Kliment. Meanwhile the fillage of Prague was founded in 1887.



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