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This paper presents the results of research undertaken to determine the level of business protocol knowledge possessed by a cross-section of students at a small liberal arts college in Western Colorado. The research was pedagogical in nature and designed to provide data for use in designing an upper division undergraduate course in business protocol. For purposes of the research, Business Protocol was defined as a code prescribing strict adherence to correct etiquette and precedence in situations affecting professional business environments. Etiquette knowledge was measured in situational areas the researchers felt would impact the success of a business venture. Areas included: Dining Etiquette, General Business Etiquette, Home Entertaining Etiquette, Sports Etiquette, Global Etiquette, and Dressing for Success. Methodology involved the development of a 100-question test designed to measure student knowledge in the identified areas of etiquette. Additionally, a form to gather personal data on each respondent was developed. The instrumentation was then administered to a nonprobability judgement sample of 127 students enrolled in four sections of a general education course titled Introduction to Business (BUGB 101). The administration resulted in 124 usable sets of scores. Results were tabulated and presented; conclusions were drawn and recommendations made.

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