Adoption, E-textbooks, Perceived Ease of Use, Technology Savvy, Perceived Value


In recent years, E-textbooks have become a real alternative to the traditional textbooks in higher education. Many institutions have been encouraging their usage with mixed success. This study investigates students’ perceptions of E-textbooks in a medium-sized university in the Midwestern United States and measures students’ intention to adopt E-textbooks where they had an option to choose between traditional textbooks and E-textbooks for their classes. Literature reviews indicated some inconsistencies related to E-textbook adoptions. We used the Technology Acceptance model to investigate these inconsistencies. We considered three factors in this study: Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Values, and Technology-Savvy. An E-textbook adoption model is proposed, and we used an online survey to collect data among students on campus. In this study we focus on those students who have tried E-textbooks in at least one of their classes and assess their intention to adopt. This study confirms that the Perceived Ease of Use is a critical factor to consider for the successful adoption of E-textbooks.

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