Housing Affordability, Race, Tenure, Race, Housing costs, Income


This analysis demonstrates that there are significant regional disparities in housing affordability among US Census-designated regions, with the Northeast and West consistently bearing the highest costs. Over time, the burdens incurred by both owners and tenants have lessened, but renters' burdens have grown considerably. Furthermore, significant regional differences in severely cost-burdened households are highlighted. The Northeast has more severely cost-burdened households than the Midwest, South, or West. There are also significant ethnic differences: Asian Americans experience a slightly lower housing cost burden, while African Americans and Native Americans bear the greatest burden, followed by Hispanics. To address these problems, legislative changes are recommended with the goal of lowering cost burdens, particularly for disadvantaged groups, and encouraging fair access to affordable housing.

Date Accepted

14 March 2023

Date Submitted

7 February 2023

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