Corporate strategy, public policy, accounting, and financial implementation


This case study seeks to investigate the factors enabling the survival of the Bank of North Dakota (BND), which is the only operational state-owned bank in the United States, and its implications on North Dakota economy's well-being. Since its foundation in 1919, the BND's mission has been to "promote agriculture, commerce, and industry in North Dakota." (Mission, Vision, Core Values, n.d.) This case explores the corporate strategy, its implementation, and the financial performance of the Bank of North Dakota from 2017-2021. By employing a case-study method, this paper draws on analysis and the comments of several elected representatives of North Dakota, the BND's public organizational documents, and its financial statements concerning the performance of a state bank in the US. The bank has economically assisted smaller financial institutions, individuals, and small businesses while maintaining stable financial performance.

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11 April 2024

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15 June 2023

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