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Securi-Tronics has been in the business of security consultants and manufacturers of alarm systems for over fifty years. During that time the company has acquired a successful working relationship with a number of large private corporations as well as a number of government agencies. During the last 18 months, however, the firm has lost 4 of its long-standing corporate clients to other companies. In addition, it has been consistently under-bid in its last six government contracts.In the words of Securi-Tronics CEO, "The winning bids were only about $3,000 -$5,000 less than ours. That's the absolute minimum cut-off point for most agencies. We lock up our bids, but the prices are so consistent I can't help but think that somebody is getting inside information. We've hired a number of new people recently, but we review all of them carefully before we hire. I can't believe anyone is selling information out the door. What worries me more, though, is that our best people are constantly in danger of being hired away. In the long run, the loss of brain power will hurt us more than a few contracts."

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