Undergraduate Research Journal

About UNK Undergraduate Research Journal

Each year the UNK Undergraduate Research Council publishes selected examples of student scholarly writing in the Undergraduate Research Journal. Any paper written by a UNK undergraduate student is eligible for consideration.

Full, printed copies of past issues of this journal are available in the Calvin T. Ryan Library.

Criteria are as follows:

Submissions should be 8-15 pages in length, double spaced. Keep in mind the selection is based on quality; not quantity. Longer papers are not disqualified.

Any good scholarly writing, past or present, is eligible for submission as long as the student wrote it while an undergraduate student at UNK (e.g. a current UNK graduate student may submit work done as a UNK undergraduate). The papers can be co-authored by other students and faculty. The undergraduate must be lead author.

Submissions are requested from all disciplines and may be written in a format appropriate for that discipline.

Please omit author and mentor names, as well as any other identifying information, from initial submission. Manuscripts that contain identifying information will be returned to the authors for revision. This may delay the review process..

Contact the URCA office with questions.