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Commemoration serves as an important element of American culture. Memorializing heroes and the sacrifices they made has a certain sacredness for most people. Remembering a relative for who they were and all they did shows the respect people hold for their lost loved ones. However, there was a rather long period in American history where people were intentionally forgotten. Asylums were the destinations for those considered less-desirable, strange, or just plain weird by society; they were the homes for the unwanted. Nebraska had three asylums, and only in recent years have efforts been made to remember those who were forgotten so long ago in death. In an endeavor to contribute to these recognitions, this project examined the cemeteries at the insane asylum in Norfolk, Nebraska, and attempted to construct a map of the people buried there. Unfortunately, due to restrictions with federal law on privacy, the final product remains only an estimation as to the accurate locations.

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