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Little is known about the communication abilities, needs, and services provided for children who are homeschooled. The current study utilized a national survey to explore this topic and to better inform future research to determine if families who homeschool have the necessary resources for information, support, and services regarding children’s speech, language, and literacy abilities. The participants of this study were contacted through a variety of homeschool associations via social media. The survey was developed through Qualtrics and guided by resources from two existing surveys directed towards homeschool education (Lewis, Robertson, Parsons, 2005; United States of Commerce, 2008).

The survey was distributed and opened during a four-week span. Ninety-eight participants answered questions about whether they were aware of services available to them through their state, if their child(ren) had received any previous speech and hearing services, their child(ren)’s development, and their interest in receiving extra information about communication skills and/or speech-language pathology services. Sixty parents indicated in the survey that they were aware of what public resources were available to them and their family. Out of 118 reported children, 24 children were reported as not typically developing in one or more areas (speech, language, reading, writing). Only 22 parent participants indicated interest in receiving additional information/education about different areas of development and/or speech-language services. It is vital that researchers explore this area more, in order to inform home educators about the developmental expectations in the areas of speech, language, and literacy and to educate this population about the public resources available to them.



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