Undergraduate Research Journal


Club volleyball participation has become a popular method in gaining exposure in order to reach the collegiate level. Obtaining a collegiate athletic scholarship is very competitive in today’s globalized world of sports, especially in volleyball as youth participation continues to climb. Volleyball is becoming increasingly more demanding at younger ages, with longer seasons and more specialized hours in elite training. The forecasted product are elite athletes who stand out above the rest, but at a certain cost. Not only are club volleyball programs time-consuming, but very expensive, preventing equal opportunity to athletes. The hypothesis is collegiate volleyball players who participated in club volleyball in their youth received more athletic scholarship dollars on average than those who did not. The purpose of this study is to determine if club volleyball is necessary to receive a collegiate athletic scholarship. This study will give truthful information about club participation and hopefully alleviate economic stress and give more opportunity to athletes to diversify in other sports. Through surveying 110 collegiate volleyball athletes, obtaining information about their club participation prior to college and their current athletic scholarship, there was no significant difference in scholarship dollars between athletes who participated in club and those who did not, concluding that club volleyball participation does not influence the potential amount of athletic scholarship one can receive.



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